Out-of-the-box parcel delivery

About Skuyf

Skuyf brings you the solution to delivery stress. Nobody loves waiting for their order to be delivered or picking it up somewhere else. On the other hand, the delivery man often finds nobody home and has to do expensive rescheduling. Our solution gives the delivery man an advanced planner and the customer a way to stay in control. Smart communication makes flexible delivery possible and gives you power over when and where the order will be delivered. No more stress.

Convenience for everyone

Skuyf intends to improve the whole delivery process, for everyone involved. The focus will be on improving the service towards the clients who have to receive their packages. There will be desktop and a mobile app to be able to get information about your delivery, and to communicate with the delivering party. Furthermore there will be tools for the companies that use Skuyf to manage their logistics, get more insight in the process, and to facilitate contact with their clients. Finally the people who deliver the packages also get an app that shows them which route to take, and that notifies them about any changes in their schedule.


Contact Information

Korte Bergstraat 13, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

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